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Blog # 15

My personal “fear factor” would be getting cut or stabbed with a knife. I am very careful with knives. The thought of someone cutting or stabbing me is terrifying. You hear frequently how someone have been stab multiple times. I think that is so awful. I only wish that if someone died of multiple stab wounds, that they did not suffer. That their death was quick. I guess I have watched too many scary movies! When I think about how painful a paper cut can be, I cannot imagine how awful it would be to be cut or stabbed with a knife. Honestly, it gives me “goose bumps” just writing about it. One day I cut myself with a piece of paper, it was awful! I hate to be cut! So you see a paper cut freaks me out can you imagine me being cut or stab by a knife.


Blog #14

Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum,” affected me so much it was the scariest, grossest, and most horrifying image that Poe uses in “The Pit and the Pendulum. The three horrifying images that affected me are the following: (1) The description of the dungeon (cell)that he was in (2) Those awful rats with red beaded eyes, waiting to devour him, and, (3) the many skeleton bones in the bottom of the pit. Also, the affect of this writing was terrifying, because someone had to be mentally unstable to create such a piece of writing. Poe’s statement that was extreme for me, when he stated “The framework upon which I lay, had been literally swarming with rats. They were wild, bold, ravenous;their red eyes glaring upon me as if they waited but for motionlessness on my part to make me their prey. “To what I thought,”have they been accustomed in the well?” Awful!