Blog # 15

My personal “fear factor” would be getting cut or stabbed with a knife. I am very careful with knives. The thought of someone cutting or stabbing me is terrifying. You hear frequently how someone have been stab multiple times. I think that is so awful. I only wish that if someone died of multiple stab wounds, that they did not suffer. That their death was quick. I guess I have watched too many scary movies! When I think about how painful a paper cut can be, I cannot imagine how awful it would be to be cut or stabbed with a knife. Honestly, it gives me “goose bumps” just writing about it. One day I cut myself with a piece of paper, it was awful! I hate to be cut! So you see a paper cut freaks me out can you imagine me being cut or stab by a knife.


One response to “Blog # 15”

  1. samanthabvance says :

    I do HATE to cut myself or get cut! Nice post. Let’s work on getting caught up. You are falling a little behind. 🙂

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