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Blog #19 Ivan Llych

Ivan’s own death changed his life. He realized that death was knocking at his door, and at one point he did not want to accept it. He thought of many ways to combat his situation. There was a rude awakening, when Ivan understood his doctor was not being honest with him about his condition. Once acceptance set in he began to change; his thoughts were no longer just about his life. He began to feel sorry for his family and for once in his life it was not about HIMSELF. It was not to late for Ivan because he became a changed man; he was no longer the selfish, foolish man. His heart had changed. At the end he freed his family and God freed him.


Blog #18 Ivan Ilych

Peter Ivanovich felt a certain discomfort. Schwartz had only one thing on his mind at the funeral was to set up a game of bridge. Gerasim was a devoted servant who cared for Ivan Ilych even at the funeral. Praskovya Fedorocvna was most concern about the money before he died and the money after he died. Ivan Ilych son was very sad, and his sister seemed angry with Peter Ivanoich. Yes. This is a familiar scene, because most of the time people just attend funeral to be nosey, or family members creating drama. Some people feel that death and funerals as an inconvenience, because people do not take time for the simple things in life. They do not make time because it is all about self. At some point in life people will take time for other people because one day they will need someone to take time for them. Life is fair!

Blog #17 Searching for Change

As a human race we are constantly searching for change or something that “tickles our fancy” (smile), and to satisfy our taste and wants. This is our make-up. This is who we are. We want to look forward for new things, and challenges. Most people want to look forward for something promising. Looking back in the past or staying in the past only keep people from growing. The Romanticism movement stressed nature, individualism, and the common man rather than civilization. They focus more on order and logic.

Blog #16 A Realistic Scene

The most realistic movie that I have ever seen is the movie “Roots”. This movie was sad but true according to Alex Haley. I believe there were people who were very mean and hateful, but I also believe that some of the same people that were hated had some good in them. Why? Because without some of the help of some of the white owner, some of the black people could not have made it to freedom. I do not believe that all the suppose bad people were all bad. But my mother says, “That I could always see some good in everybody”. Because God is good all the time! This movie was so real it cause an uproar through many cities. People got angry because this movie represented some of their feelings presently. It is time for a rude awakening!!!