Blog #19 Ivan Llych

Ivan’s own death changed his life. He realized that death was knocking at his door, and at one point he did not want to accept it. He thought of many ways to combat his situation. There was a rude awakening, when Ivan understood his doctor was not being honest with him about his condition. Once acceptance set in he began to change; his thoughts were no longer just about his life. He began to feel sorry for his family and for once in his life it was not about HIMSELF. It was not to late for Ivan because he became a changed man; he was no longer the selfish, foolish man. His heart had changed. At the end he freed his family and God freed him.


2 responses to “Blog #19 Ivan Llych”

  1. samanthabvance says :

    What a nice thought about the freedom! I like the idea that he freed his family also. Nice job!

    • brinabrin706 says :

      Thank you! I have always loved Literature and since I have been in your class you have given me a “gift” that have taken me to another level in my reading thank you again. Mr. Scales told me that you were a great teacher and you are. May God continue blessing you and your family!

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