#23 Do I Trust Hedda?

First, Hedda Gabler is a product of her upbringing. Her parents spoiled her terribly and thus created a awful monster. No! I do not trust Hedda Gabler. To tell you I could not be in her presence, or anyone that acted like Hedda Gabler. She is complicated, disturbing, spoiled, controlling, and vicious. But out of all of that, I like Hedda Gabler personality because she is what she is, and it is what it is. I feel deeply that Hedda Gabler problems stem from her parents. Not teaching her the way of life in order for her to become a groomed young adult. Teaching her how to survive in a society where women had no rights but at the same time knowing how to be a lady during those times. Instead she was spoiled rotten, wanting to control every situation. But all in all I liked Hedda’s character.


One response to “#23 Do I Trust Hedda?”

  1. samanthabvance says :

    I think most people like her, but very few would trust her… Nice post! 🙂

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