# 32 “The Gilded Six-Bits”

I loved the story because it involved love, betrayal, and forgiveness. Missy May loved her husband and she always wanted to do whatever to make him happy, but I think her emotions got the best of her particularly in the heat of the moment. Sometimes we wish to experience that “unknown” which get most of us in trouble. I believe this is part of growth, and sometimes it can be selfishness, not thinking how the results would end up for that person or someone else. Joe loved his wife but he was dying to show off his wife to another man because of what he assumed the other man had (riches and gold). He used his wife in a bad way and it backfired on him. Basically, they betrayed each other. But their love was strong, strong enough to forgive. I loved this story because it was so romantic and it was based on reality.


One response to “# 32 “The Gilded Six-Bits””

  1. samanthabvance says :

    This one is probably my all time favorite- first it’s a great story, but my favorite thing about it is how invested my students are in its character. Nice post! 🙂

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