#25 “The Gilded Six-Bits”

Missy May Love her husband and her husband loved her. I understand how the both of them got caught up in the mishap. This is a good example how love prevails over evil. Love is the winner every time. I agree with Joe’s reaction he is truly a real man because I believe he took some of the blame for what happen for example talking to much about another man to his wife. I was vey proud of how Joe handle the “player” when caught them and how he handle his wife. He forgave her, and she forgave herself. No I would have not acted that way. Joe silence meant that he knew why everything happened and he decided to move on especially when his mother verified that the child was just like him


#24 Mark Twain

I feel a text should not be edited to remove inflammatory or controversial language in an author’s writing because they would be disrespecting the author’s material. It is what they believe. It is a right that people have that freedom to write as they please, because first of all we do not live in a perfect world. If I wrote a piece of material I would not want anyone editing or tampering with my piece of work. I suppose Mark Twain felt the same way when he wrote his material. When someone writes their truth it should be they have the right to put it out there. We all should have the freedom to write what we want to write whether good or bad.

#23 Do I Trust Hedda?

First, Hedda Gabler is a product of her upbringing. Her parents spoiled her terribly and thus created a awful monster. No! I do not trust Hedda Gabler. To tell you I could not be in her presence, or anyone that acted like Hedda Gabler. She is complicated, disturbing, spoiled, controlling, and vicious. But out of all of that, I like Hedda Gabler personality because she is what she is, and it is what it is. I feel deeply that Hedda Gabler problems stem from her parents. Not teaching her the way of life in order for her to become a groomed young adult. Teaching her how to survive in a society where women had no rights but at the same time knowing how to be a lady during those times. Instead she was spoiled rotten, wanting to control every situation. But all in all I liked Hedda’s character.

Blog #21 Ivan Looking For Love

◾During the courtship Ivan was not looking for love but rather he was looking for someone to fit in with his social status. Ivan relationship with his wife was horrible because even though he whisper those sweet nothings in her ear; his wife knew that their relationship was not based on love so they did not get along. It was a loveless marriage. In Ivan’s marriage Tolstoy shows that even though Ivan and his wife was not in love, they managed, because they both knew that they needed each other. He needed her for his social status(outside appearance), and she needed him for his money. They just became use to each other which is very sad.

#20 Hedda Gabler (Unwanted Marriage, pregnancy, and bored)

Hedda was just using George for whatever she wanted. As a matter of fact, she controlled their marriage, because she had to have someone who allowed her to be in control and George was the perfect candidate. A loveless marriage, an unwanted pregnancy, bored to death; confined in a time period where women  have no rights.  I was blessed to be  born in my time.  I know that it would have been hard  for me  to live her life during the 19th century. Even though Hedda was a little extreme,  I do sympathize with her action during a time where women were put in a “box” according to society in a world ruled by men.  Personally I blame Hedda parents for the way they raised her.  They allowed her to always get what she wanted, she was very spoiled.  Never having to work a day in her life.  She wanted to control  everybody to meet her needs and wants. She became a monster either it was her way or no way.

Blog #19 Ivan Llych

Ivan’s own death changed his life. He realized that death was knocking at his door, and at one point he did not want to accept it. He thought of many ways to combat his situation. There was a rude awakening, when Ivan understood his doctor was not being honest with him about his condition. Once acceptance set in he began to change; his thoughts were no longer just about his life. He began to feel sorry for his family and for once in his life it was not about HIMSELF. It was not to late for Ivan because he became a changed man; he was no longer the selfish, foolish man. His heart had changed. At the end he freed his family and God freed him.

Blog #18 Ivan Ilych

Peter Ivanovich felt a certain discomfort. Schwartz had only one thing on his mind at the funeral was to set up a game of bridge. Gerasim was a devoted servant who cared for Ivan Ilych even at the funeral. Praskovya Fedorocvna was most concern about the money before he died and the money after he died. Ivan Ilych son was very sad, and his sister seemed angry with Peter Ivanoich. Yes. This is a familiar scene, because most of the time people just attend funeral to be nosey, or family members creating drama. Some people feel that death and funerals as an inconvenience, because people do not take time for the simple things in life. They do not make time because it is all about self. At some point in life people will take time for other people because one day they will need someone to take time for them. Life is fair!